FECI’s Global Logistics Center Opens

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Florida East Coast Industries affiliate Flagler Global Logistics has officially opened its South Florida Logistics Center.

Located adjacent to Miami International Airport, the 200-acre intermodal logistics complex offers cargo handling that includes multimodal transportation access, foreign trade zone advantages and refrigerated cargo options.

Previously known as South Florida Logistics Services, Flagler Global Logistics provides integrated supply chain management services and real estate solutions.

The logistics center’s first building, a 170,000-square-foot facility, is now fully operational, including 30,000 square feet of refrigerated space to complement warehouse and office space. The center’s expansion plans call for the development of up to 2 million square feet of industrial space.

Chris Scott president and CEO of Flagler Global Logistics, said the center features a new method of preserving the “cold chain” for produce and other perishable items, decreasing the amount of time products are in transport and extending their shelf life.

Both of Flagler Global Logistics’ South Florida developments – the South Florida Logistics Center and the Flagler Station business park – are among a handful of designated magnet sites with the newly formed Miami-Dade County Foreign Trade Zone No. 281.

“The Foreign Trade Zone designation at our facilities allows us to offer importers and exporters the opportunity to further enhance their supply chain and defer, reduce or even eliminate customs duties,” Scott said.


Source:  SFBJ

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