CREC’s “A Deeper Breath” Program Starts Office Health Trend

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With Florida’s real estate sector rebounding and property owners seeking a competitive edge, Continental Real Estate Companies is launching a new program that promotes employee wellness and tenant retention by breathing new life into unused office space.

A Deeper Breath is a new initiative by CREC that enables property owners to encourage tenant health and productivity by offering free health and wellness activities in unused office space. At the same time, the program strengthens the relationships between landlords and their tenants, and employers and their employees.

The program is now up and running at three Florida office buildings: 2121 Ponce de Leon Blvd. in Coral Gables, 2301 Lucien Way in Maitland and Pembroke Pines Professional Center, located at 9050 Pines Boulevard in Broward County.

CREC Zumba ClassA Deeper Breath offers everything from free meditation sessions and yoga classes, to boot camp workouts and smoothie breaks, all courtesy of the building owner and facilitated by CREC, as property manager. The program also encourages tenants to instill healthy practices within their workplaces. Suggestions include taking the stairs versus riding the elevator, drinking water instead of soda, and outfitting vending machines with nutritious snacks.

“Landlords are working to keep their tenant rosters intact, employees are coping with mounting workplace stress, and business owners are facing rising healthcare costs,” said Carol Brooks, CREC President and Co-founder. “A Deeper Breath addresses all of these factors, offering companies an opportunity to promote health and wellness free of charge and presenting a natural platform for asset owners to create added value for tenants.”

The launch of A Deeper Breath comes as businesses face the reality of rising employee healthcare costs. A recent study by insurance firm AON Hewitt found that companies can expect to see a 6 percent jump in their group premiums in 2013, from an average of $10,522 to $11,188. Workplace wellness programs are an effective tool for curbing these costs. The U.S. Workplace Wellness alliance estimates that every dollar spent on company wellness initiatives yields a savings of $3.50 in healthcare costs and reduced absenteeism.

“For many employees, the office is a second home where they spend anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of their waking hours. A Deeper Breath introduces wellness principles into the daily lives of employees in the setting where they stand to benefit most: the office. This has a positive impact on how employees live their daily lives. For employers, promoting healthy living in the workplace can result in real bottom line savings,” added Ms. Brooks.

A Deeper Breath has been well-received by landlords and tenants alike, according to CREC Sr. Vice President Steven Hurwitz.

“Tenant retention is the name of the game for many office buildings in today’s market and cost savings are of chief importance to users. When owners introduce a novel initiative such as A Deeper Breath at no added cost to tenants, they send a signal to their tenant base that they are investing in their asset. That goes a long way toward strengthening the landlord-tenant relationship,” said Hurwitz.

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