Advertise With CRE-sources


CRE-sources provides a unified, localized source for office, flex, industrial and retail news as well as a variety of digital-media marketing options.


The site offers two advertisement options that feature your image or graphic with a live link to whatever destination you choose.

•     Our Featured Banner Ad is included at the top of our home page.  It measures a HUGE 960 X 320 pixels and includes a dedicated page on the site to feature additional content. As a Featured Banner Advertiser, we will also include a Thumbnail Ad in the right sidebar of the site. The Thumbnail will also accompany CRE-sources social media news posts on a rotating basis.  The cost is $500 per month. We allow a maximum of 6 Featured Banners at any time.


•     You can also include a Thumbnail Ad along the right sidebar of the site.  It measures 125 X 125 pixels.  The cost is $250 per month. Cost includes ad design.


We also offer advertising opportunities in our DIGITAL REPORTS, like our PERSPECTIVES Report, which are distributed to 2,200 commercial real estate professionals each month.

The PERSPECTIVES report features 4 ads:

1 Premium Banner Ad (at top)     (690 X 225 pixels)     $500
and 3 Small Banner Ads             (690 X 100 pixels)     $250

Each banner ad will link to your website destination of choice.  We will design the ad for you at no additional cost.

Also, within 24 hours, all advertisers will receive an activity report, which includes:

•      total number of emails delivered

•      total number of emails opened (with percentage open rate)

•      total number of click-throughs on YOUR specific ad

•      and the email addresses of the individuals that clicked on your ad.


Call us at 754.444.1940 or email Debbie Colangelo at to take advantage of this highly-targeted opportunity!